Ultimate Guide to Migrate Your Shopify Store to WordPress 2019

January 22, 2019 Emily Johns Web Design, Wordpress
Shopify to WordPress

A good number of business organizations use Shopify to create an online store in an easy way & sell products and services abundantly every day. It is an independent E-commerce platform which offers free hosting and subdomains, SSL certificate support, analytics system, a secure shopping cart with 70 payment options and is available in many languages. At first glance, Shopify

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9 Easy Steps You Can Create Membership Website With WordPress

January 3, 2019 Emily Johns Wordpress
Create WordPress Membership Website

Membership websites are most demanding now a days due to the increasing demand for subscription-based models. So Why WordPress is the top Choice to create Membership sites? It’s because WordPress Membership setup is easy to use and maintain. Anyone can easily handle their subscriptions. Firstly, I will tell you the Benefits of the Membership sites and then I will Guide

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7 Simple Steps You Can Start Your Dropshipping Store

December 3, 2018 Emily Johns Wordpress

These days, a good number of people prefer entrepreneurship to a comfortable 9 to 5 job. This allows them to make the best use of the talent they have, provide employment opportunities to others, sell more products to customers/clients/trading partners, etc, and earn great revenues. The lack of a start-up capital, infrastructure and staff are the main obstacles which prevent

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A Comprehensive Guide – How to Create Your Personal Portfolio

March 29, 2018 Emily Johns General Topics, Wordpress
How to Create Your Personal Portfolio

A personal portfolio is an online treasure of an individual. You can easily display the samples of your work, details about yourself, completed projects in the past and better explain to your clients why they must use your services for their advantages. A well-designed personal portfolio creates a positive image of the qualities you hold. It assists you to get

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Magento to WordPress Conversion Tips & Tricks for Better UX Design

March 7, 2018 Emily Johns Magento to Wordpress, Security, Wordpress

As a website designer, do you know the exact steps that need to be implemented while performing Magento to WordPress Conversion for Better UX? Actually, the modern generation of web builders prioritizes UX when they design websites. So, what exactly is UX? Why is it important for the success of websites? What steps you should take to improve the site’s

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