Magento to WordPress Conversion Tips & Tricks for Better UX Design

March 7, 2018 Magento to Wordpress, Security, Wordpress

As a website designer, do you know the exact steps that need to be implemented while performing Magento to WordPress Conversion for Better UX? Actually, the modern generation of web builders prioritizes UX when they design websites. So, what exactly is UX? Why is it important for the success of websites? What steps you should take to improve the site’s

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Website Redesign: Effective tips to increase lead generation opportunities

February 26, 2018 Web Design, Wordpress, Wordpress theme
website redesign - WordSuccor

All those entrepreneurs who are engaged in the web-based business, always emphasize on the generation of new leads. When a customer expresses his/her interest to buy products/services from a particular company/business firm, he/she is termed as a lead. Every businessman tries to generate sufficient leads on a daily basis to beat the competition and arrange resources for further development of

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A DIY To Build Your Own Custom Page for Your WordPress Website

February 14, 2018 Startup Tips, Wordpress, Wordpress theme
Add custom page in WordPress

When we look out to build a website for the business we seek for the easiest route. Building a website is no child’s play. It requires knowledge of many languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, and others, or you just need to install WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System aka CMS. If you put WordPress on scrutiny,

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The Right Approach To WordPress Website Optimization

February 9, 2018 Web Design, Wordpress, Wordpress Conversion Services
website optimization

Introduction: Why WordPress Optimization Is Important? Optimizing your WordPress website can be a grueling task of brainy codes. However, despite being tedious, It is one of the most important responsibilities to make sure that you delight your visitors. Spending time in tuning and optimizing your website is paramount and you must embrace it. There are many tricks and tips that

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Is Your Website Is In Static HTML? Here Are Some Tips To Convert It In WordPress

February 6, 2018 Wordpress, Wordpress theme

As the Internet business grows with each passing day, the demand of customers also gets increased. Today’s hi-tech, modern, and highly knowledgeable people like to visit websites that are visually appealing, professional and easy-to-use.they don’t like to hang around traditional HTML websites with clumsy looks. Furthermore, the successful management, optimization, customization, and handling of static HTML websites ask for a

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