Top WordPress Theme & Plugin Detector 2021

If you've looked at the websites that provide dynamic functionality, sleek website design, and a plethora of features, you'll notice that they're all quite similar. You may be puzzled as to how this is possible. Which WordPress themes and plugins are used on these websites and how to identify this? Also, if you're unsatisfied with your editing website design or want to start a new WordPress website for your company, what should you think about? Don't worry, there's a solution in the form of a WordPress theme and plugin detector that can be found online for free.

Fortunately, many theme and plugin detectors are available that can be used to identify which theme or plugin is being used on a particular WordPress site. Although you can hire a WordPress Web development company to help you, you should also consider the choices we've provided. Now, let’s dive into the detectors.

WordPress Theme Detectors 2021

WP Theme Detector

WordPress Theme & Plugin Detector

WPTD (WordPress Theme Detector) is a tool that lets you find out what plugins and themes a WordPress website is using. As a result, if you're looking for a business website that's built on WordPress, simply type in the URL and start searching.  

Besides, this tool offers extensive information than usual. It can detect both the child and parent name of a theme, as well as details about the theme provider. Furthermore, this tool works well not only with conventional themes but also with drag-and-drop functionality themes.


Softwarefindr-Wordpress Theme & Plugin ​Detector

SoftwareFindr is yet another free theme detection tool that allows you to identify whether or not a website is built on the WordPress platform. Moreover, it also allows you to determine the theme’s name, its author, version, tags, and much more. 

The entire information about this tool is easily accessible, including where to find or download this theme detector. Although SoftwareFindr is not the only theme detector that can provide comprehensive results, it is a fast and simple solution to all of your problems.

Satori’s WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector by Satori was developed by Satori Studio folks. This detector can easily generate a simple report that includes details such as the theme, its author, the name of the theme, the edition, the summary, and so on.

Satori's WordPress Theme Detector also has the potential to detect themes even if the website code is minimized, which excludes information from a reliable source. Also, the team of experts behind this tool keeps the database updated so accurate outcomes can be generated hassle-free. 

For example, if a website is built with a highly customized theme that isn't accessible or isn't built on WordPress, WordPress Theme Detector will notify you with a message that explains the issue.

Scan WP

Scan WP theme & plugin detector

Scan WP is a tool beneficial in detecting both themes and plugins used on the website. Simply type in the URL of the website, and it will take care of the rest.

In addition to this theme detector, you can quickly access reports with analysis that include details such as the theme's name, version, download links, tags, and more. However, remember Scan WP isn’t capable of offering the full analysis report for any custom theme.

WordPress Plugin Detectors 2021

WordPress Plugin Checker

WordPress Theme & Plugin detector

Among all plugin detectors, WordPress Plugin Checker is a simple tool that can be used to identify plugins installed on WordPress-powered websites. A Swedish web agency named Earth People created this tool. 

This plugin, however, has its own set of restrictions and limitations. It can currently only detect plugins developed by Earth People and the 50 most common plugins from WordPress's official Plugin Directory. Furthermore, if you need details on the most recent WordPress plugins, this detector can assist you.

Built With

Built with - WordPress Theme & Plugin detector

Built With is yet another plugin detector with the capability of detecting a variety of technology styles. For example, you can detect:

  • WordPress plugins and themes
  • Content Management System
  • JavaScript Libraries
  • Tracking and Analytics Tools
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Frameworks
  • SSL Certificates
  • Web hosting and email providers

This tool can also be used to collect data for market research, lead generation, keyword research, and so on. Built With is also a fantastic plugin detector with features that will help you figure out whether you need help increasing conversions.

Scan WP

Scan WP Plugin & Theme Detector

Scan WP, a high-quality theme detector, is now available. It is, however, useful in detecting most WordPress plugins. All you have to do is enter the WordPress site’s URL and leave the rest to Scan WP.

Besides, Scan WP provides you with a lot of information about WordPress sites that include:

  • Plugin Pricing
  • Plugin Version
  • Link to Downloading or Purchasing Plugins
  • Each Premium Plugin Pricing

It also includes the Find a Plugin feature, which allows you to check for plugins that have the functionalities and features you need. In addition to these features, you'll be able to analyze other WordPress sites and add the necessary functionalities as required.

WWPTIT (What WordPress Theme Is That) 

WWPTIT theme & Plugin detector

It is a free online theme detector that also lets you detect other active plugins. While this tool is convenient and is thorough in theme detection outputs, plugin identification is also worthwhile. 

While this tool is convenient and comprehensive in its outputs for theme detection, plugin identification is also overwhelming.

WP Plugins and Theme Detector

In the entire options list, this chrome extension is the only user-friendly plugins and theme detector. It allows you to identify WordPress sites and displays detailed details about them. In addition, the procedure is run on a remote server, with the results shown in a web browser.

Key Takeaway

Plugins and themes are two things that can make any WordPress site valuable and scalable. However, with the list provided above, finding the best ones to fix WordPress theme and plugin errors and boost site functionality has never been daunting. Furthermore, when you’re done checking the best of all options, it’s time to focus on keeping your website running smoothly.

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