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Stages of our WordPress SEO Activities:

WordPress SEO is a strategic process, which is used by the digital marketing individuals to increase the visibility of WordPress websites on the web. WordPress SEO services, offered by the Wordsuccor, are unique to all types of WordPress websites with verifiable results.

Yes! It’s 100% true. We hold expertise in WordPress SEO. We have helped several business brands (that have an online presence with WordPress websites) to increase their dominance on the web and acquire lots of business opportunities from geographical locations (as per their expectations).

With the use of effective WordPress SEO tactics, we spread your unique business messages all across your blog, website pages, social media platforms, different search engines, etc. With a team of well-trained, experienced and professional SEO experts, we have positioned ourselves as a leading company when it comes to WordPress SEO.

So, do you run a WordPress website/blog with a business point of view? Are you troubled with the plummeting ranking of your website/blog? Don’t you have any clue as what to do to improve the SEO ranking of your WordPress website or blog? If yes, then approach us ASAP.

With WordPress SEO Services, we help individual website owners, companies, firms, etc, to generate sufficient business opportunities with a low investment.

First Month:
  • Website Audit & optimization recommendations,
  • Technical work to improve usability and appearance of websites and make them SEO friendly,
  • Keyword research, Analysis of your competitor's website, and the creation of the website optimization checklist,
  • Successful Launching and configuration of Web Analytics Counters and
  • Commencement of Website optimization work once your website is ready for SEO.

Note: When you approach us for website optimization, first of all, we analyse whether your website is ready for SEO or not. If not, then we make the necessary changes in your website with your consultation to make it SEO friendly. Our web developers and designers charge a little fee for that. If your website is already SEO friendly, we start optimizing it on the very first day when you avail our SEO services.

Second Month:
  • Website optimization in full flow,
  • Significant traffic to your website with low and medium frequency requests and
  • Improvement in your site's visibility on all major search engines by 10-15%
Third Month:
  • Improved performance of your website with high-competition keywords under your niche,
  • Generation of leads and sales in bulk and
  • Daily analysis of your website's performance and further improvement if required.
Our SEO Packages

We have different SEO packages to meet your specific needs. Just view them and choose the SEO package which suits your needs and budget.


For Freelancer

$ 9.99 /MO

  • 1 Website
  • 20 Emails
  • 1 FTP account
  • 1 Domain name
  • 20GB Disk space
Best Value


For Small Company

$ 19.99 /MO

  • 10 Website
  • 200 Emails
  • 10 FTP account
  • 10 Domain name
  • 200GB Disk space


For Agency

$ 29.99 /MO

  • 30 Website
  • 600 Emails
  • 30 FTP account
  • 30 Domain name
  • 600GB Disk space
Reasons why we are chosen for WordPress website optimization
SEO Tactics

We use for website optimization

SEO Tactic Pricing Status Advantages
On-page SEO Included in the SEO package you choose Improved SEO ranking of your website on all major search engines, ample organic traffic and lead generation opportunities
Off-page SEO Included in the SEO package you choose. We can expand its dimension upon your request, but that will be chargeable. More traffic to your website from alternative web sources, more leads and sales.
Premium SEO campaigns (PPC,AdWords, Social media advertising) We provide premium SEO services at your request. Please discuss the price structure with our Project Managers to avail these services. Improved SEO ranking of your WordPress website, more page views, and lead generation chances.

We receive lots of questions from our beloved customers and clients on a daily basis. We try our level best to answer their questions as soon as possible. Therefore, in a bid to answer general questions related to our SEO services, we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Just go through it to find the answer to your questions.

Q1. What type of WordPress websites/blogs do you optimize?

We optimize all types of WordPress websites/blogs. So, get in touch with us ASAP if you want to see your website/blog floating on the first page of Google & other major search engines.

Q2. How soon can I Expect results?

As our SEO professionals optimize your website with latest SEO practices, you see its impact very soon. However, we take at least 3 months' time to fulfil the promises we make.

Q3. Why Should I Hire You When other options are available in the market?

If you observe carefully, we are more economical than others. Our business dealings are fair, transparent and result-oriented. You can rely on us to get the desired results on a low investment.

Q4. What about the prices of SEO packages and additional changes?

The prices of SEO packages are mentioned above. Additional charges are applicable if you avail extra/premium SEO services, provided by us.

Q5. How to escalate an issue if I have issues with your SEO services?

As a leading WordPress SEO service provider, we are always open for new suggestions and recommendations. Whenever you have an issue with our SEO services, Email us We will answer your relevant questions ASAP. You can also call us 24*7 on +1-209- 386-9543 to make inquiries instantly and get answers on the spot.
If you have any other question, please contact us. Our expert will help you with your queries and concerns.
So, Hurry Up! Request for our WordPress SEO services now! We will respond to your call soon and provide the requested services ASAP. Call us now!

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