How to Add Facebook Pixel to WordPress Without A Plugin (Step by Step)

When the user runs a WordPress (WP) website and familiar with the social media platform popularity. Then, ignoring the beneficial aspects is not a deal. So, it is significant to consider two things when the concern is Facebook:

  • Generation of more conversations
  • Connecting to the right audience

Clearly, Facebook has better advertising abilities for every business type. Also, WordPress is the easiest one among all to initiate a business.  This article provides an experiment to add a Facebook pixel to WordPress without a plug-in.

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Before comprehending, it is important that you should know the Facebook pixel code. It is a JavaScript code piece for computing the benefits and efficiency of FB advertising campaigns. From this, visitors' behavior can easily figure out on the website. It is desirable to know their actions to reach the right audience. So, a user can access the below points only when the end-user connects to the WP account to FB pixel chrome extension.

1. Facebook Conversion Pixel

Facebook conversion


Facebook pixel helps the user to figure out the conversion rate of Facebook ads. Also, it assists in analyzing the user's actions. Besides, tracking of the customers from the number of devices is possible before analyzing the conversion process.

2. Facebook Tracking Pixel

Website traffic monitoring is important to check the interaction of visitors on your website. Consequently, using FB pixel WP, a user could check the performance of FB ads, creating the custom audience is also probable.


3. Optimization of Facebook Ad campaign

You can collect the necessary data from the FB tracker. And, this data is profitable for refining the FB advertising approach. Moreover, it also improves the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). The ads can be shown only to those with an appropriate aim. Like, purchase completion. Importantly, for superior conversions, the optimization of ads is feasible.

4. FB Retargeting Pixel

Facebook Retargeting

From the data of FB pixel helper chrome, you can serve suitable ads to the visitors.  Undoubtedly, these show their concern only to advertising products or services. Like, when the user likes some product on FB, then, the advertisement is shown till the completion of the purchase.

5. Approaching the Right Audience

Approaching the right audience is more important than the new customer for developing a business.  From the tracking data, the FB stores become visible to those with the same taste as the previous customers. It not only gives more visitors but also assists in converting visitors to customers.

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To this point, a user becomes familiar with FB pixel. So, let's know the measures that can help in adding FB pixels to WP without Plug-ins. After using WordPress, the user become familiar with the website phenomenon using Plug-ins and is an easy task.  Plug-ins have diverse benefits and save a lot of time as well. But there are some drawbacks though. The available free Plug-ins on WordPress repository can experience some errors. The errors can affect the security of the website. Few of the Plug-ins on the WP repository are written carelessly and poorly. And, resulting in redundant requests to the database and slows down the website.

A lot of time has been taken by WordPress developers who took time in developing a Plug-in with the addition to the WordPress repository. These errors sometimes give rise to the cancellation of the project and moves ahead. It is clear that WordPress has shown improvement in terms of updating but has not shown its capability in keeping Plug-ins.  Additionally, it might probably break the consistency of the website. When it comes to WordPress website development, you can consider FB pixel than Jetpack Plug-in. Simply, there is no need to consider Plug-ins and coding but need to watch out the actions.

Step by Step Guidance of Adding Facebook Pixel to your WordPress Website without using Plugin are:

1) First, backup of your website is mandatory. You can use hosting plans for this. And, the designer or the developer can help out in providing access when the user does not have. It is essential to have access to every file.

Website Backup

2) You can obtain the Facebook pixel code from  This link would help in the creation process of FB pixel. For this, an FB business account or page is required.

Create a Facebook Pixel

3) After the generation of the pixel code, copy it.

FB pixel code

Image Source:

4) Return to the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard

5) Direct towards the Appearance>>> and click on “Editor”.

6) While using the parent theme, each file lists in the right column.

7) When the user is using the child theme, then navigate to the top of the right column. No pull-down menu is present. Choose the parent theme of the child theme to use. The answers to the preference of the child theme are there in this link.

8) Discover the Header.php file (Theme. Header). You can move to the next step by clicking on it.

9) A window with more code will appear.

10) Around the file text, viz., header.php, <head> as an opening tag and </head> as the closing tag will appear. From here which the website needs to add in each page will move. Like, google analytics, google fonts, and pixel code, etc.

Add Fb pixel code

Image source:

11) Paste the pixel code on right before the </head>.

12) From the bottom, click on the update file.

13) Perfect! The addition of WordPress is successfully done.

The pixel code has been added successfully to WordPress.

Added Successful

The execution of the Facebook pixel might take some time to collect the data. The user can find whether the FB pixel is active or not by navigating to the Pixel tab. It can be done from the Ads Manager account. When there is a green light, the active state of the Facebook pixel will be confirmed. The red line is the confirmation of not proper implementation. Or, it is a sign of data gathering.

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Ending Notes

The addition of Facebook pixel to your WordPress website without a Plugin will be useful for Remarketing and Retargeting.  FB pixel will help a business owner to get a high valued audience. Return on Investment (ROI) for every campaign will also generate. With less cost, more efficient ads and more ROI will be accomplished.