Revamp WordPress Site Speed & Performance with RAIL Methodology

Why is it important to boost the WordPress site speed and performance? Which measures are you using to increase the user engagement? Because every one second of delay in page loading can lessen 11% in page views, loss of 7 % in conversions and a 16%  decline in customer satisfaction.  WordPress site speed and performance […]

How to Add Facebook Pixel to WordPress Without A Plugin (Step by Step)

When the user runs a WordPress (WP) website and familiar about the social media platform popularity. Then, beneficial aspects should not be missed. While the concern is Facebook (FB) Pixel WordPress, two significant things should be kept in mind. Generation of more conversations Connecting to the right audience Facebook has better advertising abilities for every […]

WordPress Launch Checklist For 2018 [The Best Comprehensive Cheatsheet]

You will find many online posts on WordPress launch checklist stating about registering a domain and stuff. Is that all? Is that the only things you need to follow a hassle-free WordPress website launch? Definitely not. There are so many other things which need your eyes on. In this post, you will get to know […]

WordPress Trends In 2018 [Amazing List Of 7+ Trends To Follow]

WordPress is by far the best Content Management System that has ever ventured into the digital realm. So, if you have any intentions to start your business website with WordPress in 2018, you need to know all about the WordPress trends in 2018. In this post, you will get to know about the trends that […]

What Features Of Your WordPress Website Will A User Love To See In 2018?

There are many sources in web industry who estimated that a life of a website is about 3 years. With evolving technologies, increasing expectations and demands of customers and the high-level competition. Websites need to be redesigned at least after every 3 years. There are abundant of lists of features which everyone needs to have […]

Digging into WordPress Versions – How Many and What’s the Difference?

WordPress has indeed taken the online world by storm. There is no denying that it is one of the most popular and most preferred Content Management Systems that has made it extremely easy even for the non-technical user to build sites without ever touching a single line of code. Powering millions of websites from around […]