A Quick Guide on WordPress Theme Customization For Big or Small Businesses

December 18, 2017 Wordpress, Wordpress Conversion Services, Wordpress theme

A good number of small and big brands use WordPress theme customization and WordPress CMS to operate their websites with great ease and low investment. As there are many companies and firms that provide the same products and services to the targeted audience, there is a fierce competition for making the maximum business. At a time when visitors have become

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Need To Cut Heavy Codes From Your WordPress Website? Follow These Breadcrumbs…

December 11, 2017 Wordpress, Wordpress theme
Speed up image

You have a beautiful website with great website design and the content is top-notch. Still, you observe that users are running away from your website. Did you test your WordPress website’s speed? Maybe just because of your website loads slowly and there are excess of plugins used by you to enhance your WordPress website. Did you try to solve that

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How WordPress Determines Which Template File To Use On Individual Pages?

November 30, 2017 Web Design, Wordpress, Wordpress theme
How Wordpress Determines Which Template File To Use On Individual Pages?

Does this ever happen to you? You started a website on WordPress and then you start getting comfortable with the platform. And the story goes on like that for some time. Then, suddenly you want more control over your WordPress website. You start testing new plugins and themes. Started going through WordPress codex for additional information about the platform. Sounds

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What Features Of Your WordPress Website Will A User Love To See In 2018?

November 24, 2017 Wordpress

There are many sources in web industry who estimated that a life of a website is about 3 years. With evolving technologies, increasing expectations and demands of customers and the high-level competition. Websites need to be redesigned at least after every 3 years. There are abundant of lists of features which everyone needs to have on their business website, however,

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How to Resolve Contact form Emails Not Working on Godaddy VPS

November 9, 2017 General Topics, Server Issues
How to Resolve Contact form

How to Resolve Contact form Emails if Not Working? Using a VPS is generally a nightmare to those who have a very little knowledge about it. On this if the emails hosted do not work, that may lead to the nightmare. We just had the same experience. Emails from the VPS hosted domains were not going to the same domain.

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