How Illustrations Help in Designing a User Friendly WordPress Website

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. People are visual creatures to adopt visual information very immediately.  It is analyzed that almost 90% of the information that we observe with the brain is visual. It is because of the reason that the human brain identifies and grasp the images faster than that of text. And, to make this happen, it is important to design a WordPress website user-friendly for a solid customer base.

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 Notably, several websites lose their potential visitors because of the non-uniqueness, dull-look and extra loading time. As a result, the visitor leaves the website and moves to the other one for a better user experience.

User-friendly WordPress websites are designed to give the best experience. So, there is a need to create the one. Consequently, your website can maintain visitors and users for more updated information.  

Mainly, the aim is to design a user-friendly website's so that the users can spend more time analyzing the content. Ultimately, it will result in more user engagement which is beneficial for your brand.

User friendly WordPress Website

Surely, photos have always been a good interface buddy, but it is seen that Illustrations has now taken a lead.  Both have original strengths and weaknesses. Above all, Illustrations have become popular and stable web development trends in 2019.

What is Illustration?

The illustration is a visual depiction of a suitable text, process or some concept.  It is a way to define, clarify and support the ideas in the form of an image. The ideas are taken from the other information sources, probably in the form of text.   Subsequently, it is one of the obvious ways to improve the emotional, usability and visual application of the interface. 

This article aims to describe how illustration helps in designing the WordPress website user-friendly.

How to Use Illustrations in the User Interface?

Use illustration in the User interface

An illustration is an operative element that makes the interactions and messages more extensive and clear. And, it offers some of the UI illustrations to make the look of your website more uncertain. 

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UI’s offered by illustrations are:

  • Theme images
  • Hero images
  • Mascots and characters
  • Onboarding tutorials and tooltips
  • Blog article images
  • Rewards and other gamification graphics
  • Stickers (especially popular for messenger apps)
  • Notifications and system messages
  • Social network pages supporting the website or app
  • Storytelling
  • Marketing stuff and advertising banners
  • Infographics
  • Visual markers of content categories

Reasons to Use Illustration to Make your WordPress Website Designing User-friendly


1. Generate Creative Storytelling

Creative Storytelling

Storytelling is a way to combine different pieces of information into one story. It helps in making the information more memorable with a strong connection among the parts. In brief, this strategy is very efficient in marketing and user experience design.


2. Stable Grounds of Originality and Artistic Harmony

Stable ground Originality & artistic Harmony

To thrive, it is vital to be the best.  Otherwise, no one will be able to gain the benefits of your products. Also, this can harm the business's success rate. Graphics not only add originality to an interface but also add a spice of style. 

That is why, WordPress development companies are considering illustrations as “Hero images” for an article, landing pages, and reviews.  In this scenario, the designers can organize their web-design with the user’s preferences. Accordingly, they can manage their theme or project. In addition, coupled with beautiful characters, color schemes, metaphors are discovered for the effective look of your website.

3. Emotional Appeal

Illustrations can be used effectively with shapes, lines, facial expressions, and curve dynamics, etc. Particularly, these features have a rich impression on emotions. Besides, with user behavior and the aspects that affect the emotional appeal, designers can utilize illustrations as a strong tool to connect with the user's emotions. 


4. Display Something Conceptual

Display Something Conceptual

It has been seen that conceptual is the best way to bring concepts or ideas. Also, illustrations are always in command.  The illustrative approach uses abstract topics and themes to make the idea more conceptual. Sometimes, companies use an individual for commercial ads to bring reality. The illustration is the best deal to make. Besides, It is not an approach one can count on.


5. Efficient Digital Illustration

The websites and the applications regularly considering animations in their UI. Besides, it is the best way to improve usability, UI style, and emotional appeal. This is the only reason that these days, animated illustrations, pictures, and animated logos are used at a fast pace. It adds more potential to emotion, messages, and ideas of an image. In brief, the use of animated videos has now developed to a new level of communication and development.

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6. Desirability As a Lovely Facade

The passion for beauty and elegance still exists in this sphere. Of course, efficiency and usability are the basis of an interface. But, desirability is an ideal and lovely facade that lets people consider your product, feel the pleasure of using it, and would desire to use it repeatedly. Above all, the illustration is a way to add style, technique, or anything you wish to add to the UI.


7. Convey the Necessary Message

Convey Necessary Message

People understand images faster than words. Though, It is not valid for some particular scenario. The picture is a way of understanding the intention behind the concept. The way the designers are using illustrations is best for mobile layouts or the web.

Now, the user loves to understand the concept via visual makers. It not only save their time but also helps in understanding the ideas faster and easier. Thus, it boosts their interests as well.

8. Unique and Appealing Design 

Unique and appealing design

Design metaphors are a powerful method to engage the users on the website and the offers you provide.  Designers can implement metaphors to fulfill user requirements using illustrations. It shows the theme with a clear visual trigger. In particular, a unique and appealing design is beneficial for engaging the user’s interest.

9. Quickly Notice and Decode Images 

Custom graphics such as icons and illustrations is a significant growth in clear navigation. In the UI, a vital interaction takes a few seconds, which is very relevant. This is the main reason for converting the text into graphics with visual symbols. Keep in mind which images are decoded incorrectly or not decoded at all. Then, extra support will be required. User testing will identify which factors are clear and which factors need to be changed in the text.

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Concluding Remarks

Illustrations enhance the user experience with its effective ideas and creative effects.  Its worth to use illustrations to give your website the best outlook it can ever have. These can develop brand recognition and trust by being impressive. It simply stands out in the transit with its digital animations, together with integrity, and value. Because creativity never grows old.