Web Push Notification: How to Enable Them for WordPress Website?

One of the challenges of launching a WordPress website is getting visitors to come back from time to time. Even if your content is engaging, you need to find a way to engage and connect with your audience.  Here’s what we will cover in this article. We will explain: What are the push notifications? Steps […]

How to Speed Up your WordPress Website using a StackPath?

How is your website performing in terms of Speed? Is it fast enough?? Do you know that website Speed is the primary and essential factor for every business? Why? You should know that the visitors abandon the WordPress website that loads slowly. Hence, it disturbs their engagement, and they move to another website without even […]

Give Holiday Cheer to Your WordPress Website With 5 Essential Tips

The holiday season is just over the horizon. It is natural to anticipate the holidays spirit already.  The season is a messenger to all play, no work attitude. It is all about baking cakes, gifting presents, and celebrations. Most of us love to utilize this time by taking off from the hustle-bustle of our life by […]

7 Effective Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster

Have you been working hard on your WordPress website but still unable to attract visitors? Is your website’s bounce rate increasing day by day? Well, the time your website takes to load influence a lot of things including your website’s success and bounce rate. If a website takes forever to load, visitors will navigate away […]