WordPress vs HTML: Revealing the Reasons for WordPress Migration

22 years back, every website was built with text and static HTML. At that time, handling the website was not a daunting task.  But, with the passage of time, with the demands of the customer's changes, they start looking for a richer, enjoyable yet profitable website experience.  Hence, there comes a need to shift to the platform that holds the capacity to create cutting-edge websites. While looking at the statistics of all the new or advanced platforms, WordPress CMS leads!! WordPress has 63.6% of the CMS market share and empowers 37.6% of all the websites on the internet. Assuredly, these figures are enough to assure you about the popularity of WordPress. It has those features and functionalities that even allow the beginner or non-tech to create the best website. That too, without coding and HTML, also.  
"WordPress is the perfect aesthetics, web standards, and usability-oriented publishing platform. WordPress is free and free to distribute. Simply put, WordPress is what you use when you want to work with blogging software and not fight it"- The official website of the WordPress system.
Therefore, upgrading the static HTML  website to WordPress is definitely a need and undeniably, it will give a plethora of business benefits as well. Keeping it intact, here, in this article, we are revealing how migrating from Static HTML to WordPress is definitely worth it. So, let's get started!!

The Essence of WordPress and HTML

HTML is the markup language used to display web pages. Most websites on the Internet use HTML with many other markup languages ​​and scripting languages ​​to create web pages. Typically, you end up hiring a web developer to create an HTML website for your business. The developer will use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a number of other technologies to build your website.  Because of the coding of scripts and styles with HTML frameworks, the websites get slower. HTML sites contain all your content in static files. Of course, if you know the basics of HTML, you can achieve great flexibility in the design and functionality of the website, but even a user who is not going to study these boring sciences for many can easily make their own site.  To get rid of all these issues, web developers prefer to convert static HTML to WordPress CMS. The popularity of WordPress is known to everyone. It permits everyone to do everything on a professional level, conveniently, and effectively organize all the necessary functionality.  Some even think that WordPress is for practitioners only, no, it is not!! This platform is used by professional web designers and programmers. WordPress uses databases to store and access the content. WordPress helps not to fill every website from scratch with many scripts and new markup styles; you can use existing options as a starting point for your own development.  Repeatedly, the WordPress website is not only functional for simplified website development. Besides, it is a whole system of programs that runs on the website constantly, supporting its vital activity from beginning to end.  Get Fast, Easy and Affordable HTML to WordPress Services

WordPress Vs HTML? - The Key Differences

Coding vs Pattern

One of the notable differences between WordPress and HTML is how both of these approaches allow you to create a website to suit your requirements. HTML is a code that is used to create static website pages from scratch. And WordPress is a CMS that allows you to create dynamic web pages using a template-based format. This makes it easy to create and manage a website, as well as you can add, delete, or move features effortlessly.

Static versus Dynamic

Since it is known that HTML pages are static, this means that website pages built on HTML are independent of each other. For example, if you want to improve the appearance or interface of your website, then, you will have to make changes on each page manually. WordPress allows you to create dynamic pages, so you can make changes to all pages at once. This is possible due to the fact that all the pages of the website in WordPress are interconnected and stored in one database.

Closed versus Open

Since HTML is a closed source platform, it allows the website developer to make changes only to the code. Unlike an HTML site, WordPress contains open source code and can be modified using features developed by third parties.

Compelling Reasons for HTML to WordPress Migration

1. Codeless Content Management

One of the undeniable advantages of WordPress is that you can manage content without coding knowledge. Instead of writing code, the tasks are implemented using a graphical interface. The graphical interface allows you to create new content, change the look of your website, change web functions, and configure all the important SEO parameters, and many other important actions.

2. Changes to the Website: No Problem

WordPress works with a website theme that defines the appearance of a website through a specific interface. Using the theme not only harmonizes the content well with the space of your website but also makes it convenient and enjoyable for site visitors. For a static HTML site, you must use your own cascading style sheets (CSS) to control the appearance of the website. So, the first problem is that you need to have some experience to control the look of your site using CSS. Secondly, even if you are a professional, it will take a lot of time in cases where you are making radical changes. While CSS frameworks can speed things up, you should be an expert at using them effectively. So, if you do not want to put yourself in a difficult position with a CSS solution, choose a ready-made WordPress theme. This will help speed up the website creation workflow. In addition, you need to work on making your pages responsive to CSS. In the case of WordPress, you do not need to do this, since all themes in WordPress are usually responsive by default.

3. Offers Better Functionality

It is no secret that WordPress offers plugins that are used to extend the functionality of websites. For example, if you want to add a contact page to your site, just install the plugin and it will allow you to easily add new features.

4. Cross-Platform System Building 

WordPress can be installed and used on the website, and you do not need to install anything on your computer. That is, you can manage the website from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone on any operating system. The only thing you need to do is connect to the best Internet connection.

5. Built-in Visual and Text Editor

The editor has an intuitive interface, so using it is very simple already from the first acquaintance. If you know Microsoft Word, then mastering the WordPress editor is a simple task. Here you can change or edit the text and pictures, format or paste links, videos, images, and sound files.

6. Easy Designing

When it is about HTML, then proficiency is required, whereas, with WordPress, you can do it seamlessly. Similar to managing the websites, the customization of the WordPress website does not need any support or expertise.  All you need to know all the fundamentals and the essentialities behind website designing. You can easily upgrade or edit the website and make the necessary changes.  Do not spend your hard-earned money on only simple executions that do not need hiring any expert.

7. SEO Tools

All website owners have a desire to make their webpage to rank higher on the search engines.  Consequently, they spend likely much in Search engine optimization. Do not forget that it is an important part of the internet.  SEO done incorrectly does not let the unique and quality content to get noticed on the SERPs.  Here, the WordPress excellent tools come into play, you can use them to optimize the website. 

8. Huge Community of Developers

WordPress accumulates a large community that assists the beginners about the issues they might be facing. As it is known to all that WordPress is an open-source platform, that makes the immense number of users show their contribution to it.  The WordPress developers are also updating the website on a regular basis that assures the addition of major elements. Hence, the regular support from the huge community converts the new users' experience as outstanding and assures their more involvement. Their regular support is letting WordPress grow better and bigger every day.

9. Easy to Access

As we have mentioned above that WordPress has a huge community that makes accessing WordPress easy. This platform has several themes and plugins that are known for making web development services easy.  The themes provide a specific look to the plugins and the websites. On the contrary, they can also be used to integrate the definite features to the website. The website coding becomes simple with WordPress because of the utmost amount of easy features and functionalities.

10. Multilinguality 

WordPress also has a multilingual feature that allows the users to access the website in their understandable language.  It, therefore, holds the capacity to secure many customers to the website.  The WordPress website shows the option for the visitors to change the language to the convertible one. 

Additional Information

All of the above can be attributed to the main advantages of WordPress CMS. But this list can be supplemented by a huge library of high-quality paid templates that have more advanced functionality and flexible settings.  The designer supports widgets and all kinds of social plugins that improve the readability and traffic of the blog. Many themes have built-in SEO support, and WordPress itself is equipped with such a system. This innovation perfectly helps to increase the ranking of your site in Google, and other search engines. Also, the design is reliably protected from hacking and spam. Of course, all these are just words, so you yourself must work with WordPress to appreciate all its immense possibilities. Contact Us - Have an idea or project in mind.

Final Words

Many sites were created as static HTML sites. Perhaps it was many years ago when Content Management Systems (CMS) were just on the way. Or the creator of the site at that time did not have a need to use CMS. But then the site grew and building it while remaining on the HTML platform became harder and harder. In this case, the transfer of the site to the platform of one of the advanced CMS is an urgent need. Now, with the advent of its new version, WordPress has turned into a fully functional CMS, on the basis of which you can build almost any site.  Using WordPress, you can add content to your website without hiring anyone. You can create as many pages as you like at any time. Add a blog to let your customers know about updates, or create your own newsletter to attract more customers.  WordPress will leverage resources, tools, and plugins to help grow your business.  That's all from our side!! Even now, if you have some queries or suggestions then drop a comment below or you can contact us. Our highly proficient team will help you out! Thanks for your engagement!!