Will JavaScript Framework Show It’s Endless Demand in Web Development

Are you aware of the rising importance of JavaScript

Have you ever think about the impact of the Javascript framework on the future desktop environment?

As the race of different framework is immensely fast, JavaScript framework is one of the dominant and popular web development language. But, there are other questions that need to be answered in an appropriate manner. 

Does the impact of JavaScript remain the same in the future? 

When the JavaScript world will be integrated into the mainstream stacks? 

Everyone knows about the importance of the JavaScript framework as a web development language.

It has made the life of the front end developers very smooth.

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By analyzing the importance of JavaScript, we will love to write this with its remarkable pieces.

As the hottest skill WordPress developer, JavaScript needs to be up-skilled for the developer’s future desires. 

As per the survey , JavaScript undertakes 94% of all website .

Large number of high profile applications are using it to clear the misconception about being notorious.

Though, it assures that it will be strengthened with rich libraries and new frameworks in the future.

It has been used by high profile applications that depict that deeper knowledge of technology is significant for mobile or web developer. 

It’s Inception and Growing Popularity

JavaScript future of web programming

Developed in 1995 by Brenden Eich, JavaScript is regularly showing its prevalence since then.

As compared to other programming languages, Javascript does not believe in an idea of input and output.

It works on the host environment as a scripting language and gives ways of communication with the outside world for web development.

Its interpreters are in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, SVG images, server-side environments. Yahoo’s widget engine, NoSQL database, embedded computers, Apache CouchDB, GNOME, etc.

From a decade, JavaScript has been rapidly growing and is not showing any chances of slowing down. 

97% of the users have been using npm for developing front end web applications 77% of using Node.js applications, 13% are drafting writing code for the Internet of Things (IoT) whereas 46% are writing mobile and native desktop applications in JavaScript. 

Top 4 High-Demand & Fast Growing JavaScript Framework

JavaScript Framework

Frameworks of JavaScript, like React, Vue, Node.js, and Angular define the stable and leading future. With these frameworks, we can reduce effort and time for the development of Javascript-based applications and websites. It allows programmers to develop large scale web applications effortlessly. 

1. React JS


React is built by Facebook and is the best framework among the experts for developing and handling the product. It is used by large enterprises, such as: Netflix, Whatsapp, Instagram, Walmart and many more. 

2. Vue JS


The aim of Vue is to assist the designers who are not familiar with programming languages. It has an aim to help them to create a functional interface than the code. Vue supports asynchronous DOM updates, declarative rendering,  strict adherence, two-way data binding, simple integration with HTML template and web component specifications. 

3. Node JS


Node.js is a dominant JavaScript framework on Google Chrome’s JS V8 engine. It develops extensive input and output web applications such as single-page applications, video streaming applications, and other web applications as well. 

4. Angular JS


Angular is a top choice among the top brands, like Google maps, Paypal and Youtube, etc. it allows the Ivy renders for speeding the application rendering and angular elements to use angular components outside the angular. We can create and publish the angular components as web components with these facts.

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Role of JavaScript in WordPress



JavaScript has an impression on WordPress even before WordPress 4.4. For WordPress theme development , Js folder in -include and wp-admin place an important role.

In this article, we are trying to anticipate the future of JavaScript by means of facts and trends. After analyzing, we have comprehended the following framework that has a bright future in JavaScript.

  • Vue.Js: Supposed to rise more
  • Node.Js: Will bring JavaScript to the server-side
  • React.Js:  Regular increase in prevalence
  • Angular.Js:  Will continually launch the new versions

Now, as we have seen above the future of the JavaScript framework, it becomes mandatory to check which one of them is mostly used at this point in time.

To justify this, we have come with the recent statistics that will clear this effectively.

Findings vs. Framework Stats

We can see that node.js is the most popular framework, whereas angular and react are following node.js.

What makes node.js being so popular?

It is its high developer-friendly nature that enables it to work on one language on both sides (client and server-side).

Most of the web developers prefer using java-script as it develops web applications with interactive features. Because of its compatible nature, it allow the dynamic content to display on the web pages.

WordPress is the most popular CMS these days and in WordPress web development, Javascript plays an important role.

So, a question that might come in your mind is that is JavaScript really not familiar with WordPress?  

Fundamentally not!

We are keen to know the involvement of JavaScript in WordPress.

Let's give a look below to clear all the doubts!

Is JavaScript Beneficial in WordPress?

If you are a dedicated WordPress developer, then learning WordPress is essential to make the right decisions from the beginning only. It is mandatory to check what’s appropriate while working with WordPress.

While it's integration with WordPress, it offers immense benefits:

JavaScript is a part of WordPress for long. It came in the form of several JavaScript libraries, such as JSCON, Underscore.js, Backbone.js, and jQuery. 

JavaScript got a lot of plugins installed on your website that utilizes Javascript for creating animations and effects, for handling data or for inserting data in a dynamic manner.

It is also being used in several themes as well for making an interaction with the theme or for using effects on the front end. 

JavaScript is intrinsic to the WordPress admin in these years and has become significant in the future as well specifically after the release of Calypso (Javascript powered version of WordPress admin). 

JavaScript has emerged as lead from a supporting role when it comes to WordPress and this all is an effect of WordPress REST API.

We can add JavaScript effects by using themes and Plugins. But, if you prefer REST API, then you can either use theme or plugin or by an external application. It is recommended to go for jQuery for adding an interaction.

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Will JavaScript Influence the Market?

So, is the era of the JavaScript era has arrived? 

Is it overtaking all other platforms?

Yes, the answer is probably Yes. There is no website in the web world without JavaScript and it has a good reason behind it.  As per the reports of Gartner’s IT analysts, progressive web applications will reinstate almost half of the native applications till 2020

We Agree!!

PWA's are the model of future and are best for web applications as well. Javascript being its essential part will also grow and will influence the market in future.

In the beginning, JavaScript was nothing but a piece of scripting language for web browsers and now, it is limitless and has crossed many expectations. 

Your Turn to Act!

Indeed, different frameworks have well-established markets that are growing regularly.  But, there are other frameworks as well that will shine in the future and JavaScript is one of them.

It is one of the universal programming languages and is known for its custom WordPress application development services.

We have shown its influence in the future for WordPress web development.  Discussed facts and statistics have shown its bright future in the web world without any doubt.