10 Reasons Why WooCommerce is the Best Platform for Omnichannel Retail?

IoT (Internet of things) is drilling into our lives day by day. The modern people are investing in many applications to get immense benefits. When it is about the retail business, customers always look for a seamless experience. Many shoppers interact with brands before they even think about buying. Almost continuous contact occurs at various offline and online points: on websites, in mobile applications, e-mail, social networks, instant messengers, physical stores, and showrooms. Ideally, all channels should be integrated with each other. The approach simplifies control and allows you to get the most out of your business. Here, our concern lies in Omnichannel. Many small, medium, or large organizations have moved their interest towards the omnichannel approach. It helps them to make more sales and reach a wider audience. And, if you have not invested in WooCommerce omnichannel retail for the online stores, then you are lagging behind and losing many profitable opportunities. But, it's never too late, you can start it now. We all know about the popularity of WooCommerce, almost 3.8 million websites are using WooCommerce currently. It has 29.16% of the eCommerce market in 2020. There are almost 6000 WooCommerce plugins in the WordPress directory.

Brief Overview: What Does Omnichannel Means?

Omnichannel Omni-channel implies deep, tight integration of sales channels by combining them into a single common system. In this business model, the points of contact interact with each other in real-time, giving customers access to goods and services when needed. Indeed, the information you need is found at every stage of the customer journey to ensure an improved customer experience. Thus, companies manage to bridge the gap between online and offline. Additionally, it builds a strategy according to which buyers get full control over the process of choosing a product and a way of making a purchase. The omnichannel model takes customer focus to the next level through comprehensive data collection and in-depth analysis across a wide range of channels. Since most modern users do not have the same type of interaction with a brand, omnichannel can be a great solution for a business. Undeniably, it increases the average check, profits, and customer lifetime value.

Basic Principles and Advantages of the Omnichannel Sales Model

Omnichannel marketing offers centralized storage of information about the histories of requests and purchases. In addition, the consolidation of sales channels and an easy transition between them is also provided. A key principle is an integrated approach. It works according to the following scheme:
  • Omnichannel chains were launched, covering various ways of communicating with the audience: website, online advertising, email newsletters, messenger marketing, mobile and browser push notifications, social media profiles, outdoor advertising, offline store.
  • Traffic, user behavior, sales information are analyzed.
  • A repository is being developed that brings together data from various channels.
  • A user tracking system is being built.
  • Interaction with the audience takes place at various points; from an online store to a trading floor.
  • The customer chooses the most convenient way to study the product and buy it.

The Omnichannel Concept offers many Benefits :

Let's check out below:

Convenience for Customers 

Thanks to the integrated system, the company communicates with the audience in different ways, and not only through the online store. The customer gets the right to choose, studying the information as it suits them.

Increased Coverage and Sales Growth 

Using an omnichannel strategy, a company can reach every potential customer who actively uses at least one channel. This leads to a tangible increase in sales.

Deep segmentation 

Detailed information obtained from various sources, along with an analysis of behavioral factors, simplifies the process of segmenting the customer base, making it deeper. As a result, the consumer experience improves, the efficiency of interaction with each segment grows.

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Major Factors that Makes WooCommerce Exceptional Choice for Omnichannel Store

1. Customizable Features and Extensions

Customizable Features and Extensions For those who require a fully-featured WordPress website, WooCommerce is the name for you. WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin to build powerful  eCommerce stores. It provides an outstanding omnichannel experience by offering many options. Now, you can include the necessary functionality to the WooCommerce store and initiate your selling. It updates the new features and functionalities after some time. So, saying that you can get the future-oriented ready omnichannel retail stores with WooCommerce is not wrong. In addition, WooCommerce allows you to build responsive designs of online stores easily. This implies that the website will be highly compatible with all the browsers and devices. Hence, your potential customers could have the best shopping experience despite the device or browser they are accessing.

2. Third-Party Integrations

WooCommerce as the flexible platform for the development of an omnichannel retail store is highly compatible with many third-party modules. It enables you to improve the eCommerce store functionality with the synthesis of the third party system and integrations of several types.

3. High Degree of SEO Optimization

High Degree of SEO Optimization In terms of search engine optimization, WordPress is one of the most stable systems out there. By creating a website based on pure WordPress code, you get a solution with fast loading, optimized database operation, and support for many custom plugins development and additional website monitoring tools that will help simplify your task in additional optimization of your website and, as a result, make it more successful. Since WooCommerce is powered by this powerful platform, you will achieve the best results without any problems and will be able to confidently and successfully build the omnichannel online store. This will allow you to achieve the highest results, which is especially important for a business related to sales.

4. In-Store Experience

WooCommerce holds the ability to assist business owners to accumulate both physical and online stores. And, at the same time, it provides a satisfying shopping experience to the customers. This platform gives the options for them to browse as many products they want and choose as per their budget and other constraints. From this platform, the users can include the products to the cart, select the best payment option and avail delivery, and pick up options. Moreover, it assists online entrepreneurs to leverage the loyalty accounts and provides a comforting shopping experience to the customers.

5. Robust Code and Robust Platform

For working on the Internet, and even more so for online business, website security plays an essential role. That is why reliability is one of the main criteria when choosing a platform. When creating a WooCommerce online Omnichannel store, you can assure the high reliability. All of this is largely achieved; thanks to flawlessly written code. If you would like to further secure your store, you can use third-party solutions. By taking security into account in advance, you can give your users all the benefits of the convenience of working and shopping in the store.

6. Social Media Integration

For approaching the wider customers, the most powerful and potential social media platforms could be included with WooCommerce. As we all know how much everyone uses social media in their daily lives. So, there is no denying the fact that this amalgamation gives you improved profits and sales as well. In addition, you can ask the users to share the website or app via social media networks to make your business visible to all. Therefore, it is always profitable to use social media to the best to delight or attract customers more.

7. Mobile or Shopping App

With the evolution of the Internet of Things, everyone can easily leverage the mobile-oriented solutions of their omnichannel retail business. There are several WooCommerce extensions in the web market that are known for providing the best user experience. From these extensions, you can offer several options, such as delivery tracking, payments, shipping methods, etc.

8. Order Attainment

After getting a 360-degree view and real-time insights of your order and delivery, you can make an estimate about the order fulfillment. And, accordingly, anticipate more conversion rates. You can track the order and assure the delivery on time. It is definite that the happy customer for the online store will enhance the sales certainly.

9. Customer Support

WooCommerce is considered as the free open-source platform and holds the public knowledge base. From this application, the users can find out the solutions to their answers by themselves. In addition, as per the WooCommerce support policy mentioned in their website, they mentioned, “We only support our Products, sold on WooCommerce.com”.  Besides, if there are some queries, then, the large community is there to help.

10. Unlimited Growth Potential

Since WooCommerce is a self-hosted solution (not cloud-based), you choose where to upload your files and how to work with them. You can start small and grow as your business grows without worrying about platform, subscription, plan, or bundle limitations. The growth opportunities are not limited by anything other than your imagination and desire.

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How to Start a WooCommerce Omnichannel Retail Store?

As of now, you know about the WooCommerce benefits for an omnichannel retail eCommerce store. We have no doubts that you want to create one for you either from scratch or you like to migrate the existing store to a new one. You can take assistance from the WordPress ecommerce development company to accomplish your business desires. Undeniably, WooCommerce considers suppliers, stakeholders, and indeed, the customers. It assists them to remain updated with the new updates for the eCommerce store. Show the online inventory to the customer base and get more benefits with no time. Assure to offer a compliant shopping experience to the customers to make them secure about the experience. WooCommerce divergent features and functionalities make it a suitable choice for Omnichannel eCommerce store owners and many developers all over the globe. Take assistance from WooCommerce experts and have an idea of the outstanding solutions to enable you to reach the business's new heights despite the business goals you have.

Wrapping Up

We consider WooCommerce to be the optimal solution for Omnichannel retail. By building an online store, you can have a reliable, beautiful, fully functional online store with the ability to choose and customize designs to your liking, top-notch support from the dedicated WordPress developers and community, and unlimited growth. Hopefully, you liked this article. If you have any doubts and suggestions, then let us know in the comment section below. Our developers are here to help you out!! Thanks for reading!!