How to Make a Custom Testimonials on WordPress [A Definitive Guide]

What according to you is the best way to improve your website conversion rate? It is nothing but – displaying the feedback to potential customers with testimonials.  To get the best results- all you have to choose the tools that are customized particularly for building and maintaining them. But, getting the solutions with the proper […]

WordPress vs Squarespace – Which Platform Works Best to Build Website?

How can you choose the best platform to build your website? By knowing it in-depth!! With so many website builders out there; Squarespace and WordPress are the best ones. Undeniably, On the one hand, WordPress is empowering 47% of the CMS based websites online whereas, on the other hand, Squarespace has 39% of all websites. […]

How to Setup and Launch LMS Website with WordPress – The Definitive Guide

Starting a new business takes a lot of investment and in-depth know-how.   Nowadays, several businesses are trying their hand in creating a robust WordPress Learning Management System (LMS).   It allows the businesses to provide online classes,  reaching several students and also, open the ways to earn money. Many have experienced a huge Return On […]