Can BlockChain Technology Improve The WordPress Security And Usability?

WordPress is basically a centralized unit for publishing content on the web. Back in 2000, decentralization was used to make it highly secure. Then according to the need, it evolves into many centralized units. To build a fully functional website for your business, several WordPress web development companies can find out. WordPress is highly fully-functional and visually […]

Digging into WordPress Versions – How Many and What’s the Difference?

WordPress has indeed taken the online world by storm. There is no denying that it is one of the most popular and most preferred Content Management Systems that has made it extremely easy even for the non-technical user to build sites without ever touching a single line of code. Powering millions of websites from around […]

Ultimate Guide for WordPress Security

Security of our website is usually never our top priority until our website gets hacked by a malicious party. WordPress being the most popular and widely used platform for creating website is extremely vulnerable to spammers and hacking. It was observed that more than 170,000 websites were hacked in 2012 and the number is growing […]