Drupal to WordPress Migration: How Will It Make A Difference?

In the early 2000s, Drupal was prioritized by every website owner and developer.  Certainly, because it was the only ideal option for a Content Management System (CMS).  Till its inception, it has become the platform that is more preferred for businesses with a steep learning curve that requires consistent performance adjustments and rich hosting. In […]

Migrate Your Wix Site to WordPress: Site Structure Considerations

Thinking of moving from Wix to WordPress?? Indeed, you are on the right track!! Though, Wix is a practical and appealing option for small businesses. Because of the intuitive and engaging interface, the users find it very easy to create a website. But, with the passage of time, Wix gave birth to some of the […]

Ultimate Guide to Migrate Your Shopify Store to WordPress

A good number of business organizations use Shopify to create an online store easily & sell products and services abundantly every day. It is an independent eCommerce platform that offers free hosting and subdomains, SSL certificate support,  secure shopping cart with 70 payment options and is available in many languages. At first glance, Shopify looks perfect […]

How to Successfully Move WordPress Website to new Host Hassle-free?

Moving a WordPress website is certainly a challenging task especially when the information available on the Codex offers you a plethora of options and does not have a complete step by step process. When I had to transfer my WordPress website for the first time, I spent hours finding the relevant information on the internet […]