Shocking WordPress Myths To Avoid [Believe It Or Not!!!]

WordPress is the largest and most popular content management system over the web. As it is sitting at the top, naturally WordPress faces myths. These myths were generated either by lack of knowledge or defaming attempts. You need to stay updated regarding these myths so that you would not perceive wrong direction and wrong practice. This can create blunders in your business. In this post, you will learn about these WordPress myths. As a WordPress web development services, We think it is our responsibility to make you aware of these myths to encourage the right practice. Let’s start with a glorious introduction of WordPress.

WordPress: The Leading CMS Platform On The Web

Wordpress is not just a CMS WordPress is not just a CMS anymore. There is more to this amazing platform. The popularity of this web platform can be speculated with these facts,
    • As of the last count, WordPress powers more than 26 percent of the web and has a whopping 59.4 percent market share, which makes it the most used CMS platform.
    • More than 500 sites a day are created on the WordPress platform.
    • There are 44,225 WordPress plugins, which have been downloaded more than 1.25 billion times.
WordPress is translated into 56 different languages worldwide. These are just a few of the striking data points. When you dig into the nitty-gritty of WordPress, it becomes clear that this is one of the most superior CMS platforms on the web. But along with this title comes a target. When you’re the best, people want to tear you down. When they can’t tear you down, they resort to bending the truth or making things up altogether.

WordPress Myths Debunked

WordPress myths In this section of the post, you will get to know about all the myths about WordPress which are presented as facts to defame this incredible website platform. Let’s see in detail what are these myths are,

WordPress Is Just A Blogging Platform!

NOT just a blogging Now, this really breaks my heart. How can someone think WordPress as only a blogging platform? There are so many things to it. Yes, it is a fact that WordPress was first just a blogging platform. It was born that way. With time, it develops itself into a fully featured website development platform. A CMS that fulfills all the requirements of a website. Custom post types, pages, widgets, add-ons, and plugins among other features, you can extend your WordPress installation to power some of the greatest internet hits. This is definitely a myth by someone who either doesn’t have any idea what WordPress can do or he/she is a hardcore hater of WordPress out of grudge or competition. Contact us and we will be happy to help you to understand WordPress in the more detailed way.

WordPress Is Not Scalable!

scalable I would say that is preposterous. WordPress websites are 100% scalable. They are well known for being responsive. WordPress is a community project aka open source software. There a number of comments in the section that says that their website is not scaling. This really surprises me. All the WordPress themes are responsive and scalable. Even if you want to develop a theme by yourself, you can manually scale the website for various devices. This is one of the most bizarre and illogical statement. You should know that this is so not true.

WordPress Is Not Secure

You need to understand that nothing in this world is perfect. When it comes to software, there is always a room for improvement. Being the most popular choice for website building, WordPress is target #1 for the hackers. They constantly try to exploit even a small vulnerability to get it. The volume of attack in WordPress is definitely high. This didn’t mean that it is prone to security breaches. It’s not that WordPress is vulnerable or insecure – it’s just popular, making it a bigger target. Given the amount of attention that WordPress gets from would-be damage-doers, it’s actually very safe. There’s another layer here that you need to know about, though. Your hosting company is another element in your overall security package. Depending on the quality of your hosting company, they can actually help to boost your WordPress site’s security quite a bit, keeping it extra safe from pesky hackers. Websites can go down because of too much traffic, too. This has nothing to do with the strength or stability of your WordPress site, which is its own entity apart from your hosting. The responsibility for your site’s stability falls on your own development decisions and your hosting company’s ability to manage strong servers, not on WordPress. That’s why it’s important to be careful and choose a reliable and knowledgeable web design and web hosting company when it’s time to build or launch your site.

WordPress Is Just A Template Layout!

The height of being ridiculous can be defined as saying anything with no logic and understanding. This being the most common myth you can hear from anyone. Through the use of themes, plugins, original content, and graphic design (we offer all of those!), WordPress sites are highly customizable and unique. Some people often confuse the uniformity of WordPress CMS layout with a simple “template.” While certain functions in the back-end of WordPress sites are the same, the front-end experiential possibilities are limitless.

WordPress Is Complicated To Learn

complicated to learn I want to clear this point. This myth is a clear manipulation of mere words. WordPress is far too easy to learn that other CMS like Drupal and Joomla. They are typically more challenging than WordPress itself (You can try and see for yourself if you are willing to take the risk). You can get started working on WordPress within days of learning how to use it! That’s because you really don’t need any HTML or programming knowledge to get started (it helps, but it’s not a requirement). It is, however, important to pick up knowledge about PHP and HTML in order to customize themes, templates, plugins, and other parts of your WordPress sites. WordPress is intuitive on its own, but the fact that there’s such a massive base of users means there are plenty of resources, guides, and courses available online. If you really want to become proficient at WordPress, you can do it!

WordPress Is Free

We all love free stuff. But you must understand that free stuff is not always bad. WordPress being a free product is indeed great news. But what does free exactly mean where WordPress is concerned? For starters, WordPress is free in terms of liberty (read usage rights). What that means is you can take WordPress, tear it down, modify it, make copies and/or create your own unique version without seeking permission from any authority. It’s open-source; software built by a community of contributors, meaning it belongs to no particular company or person. Secondly, you don’t pay to use WordPress, the CMS – you just need to download the script from, install it wherever and you’re good to go. A service such as will let you use WordPress on their platform for free. They give you a free subdomain e.g. and free hosting. Other similar services, known as managed WordPress hosts essentially let you use WordPress on their platforms for a fee (as opposed to standard web hosting, where you have a choice among various easy-install options).

Over To You

WordPress is at the top because it deserves to be at the top. With features offered by WordPress CMS, it is highly preferred by WordPress web development company. We at WordSuccor, we are a WordPress Development Company - proud to work on WordPress and deliver high-quality websites to our clients across the globe. Contact us now and get a free quote for your business or personal WordPress website.