Fascinating WordPress Web Development Trends to Chase in 2020

Moving to WordPress platform has now become a never-ending tradition. With an aim to grow as a profit minting machine, every company has agreed to become growth drivers.

Do you know?

WordPress is taking the competitive marketing to the next level. 

Of course! There might be several reasons that are letting this happen.


WordPress web development services have grown steadily. And, it has developed more compelling visuals to attract eminent customers. Notably, it has been seen from the current statistics that WordPress is the most usable and popular CMS.

Indeed, WordPress web platform is ruling for more than a quarter of the websites. 

With its potential, 35% of the websites are using WordPress on the Internet.  Indeed, WordPress is controlling the market share by 60.8%. (source)


It is a truly impressive achievement for business and blogging websites by WordPress. Surely, it has come a long way and constantly maintaining its ladder in the competitive market. And, with the changing taste of users, WordPress has mold itself as per their requirements. 

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Trust me! 

WordPress is the prior approach that implements the user’s visions technically. Above all, it provides a website that represents your brand and plays an important role in the web market.

WordPress is transforming itself with new functionalities and features and getting better every year. Surprisingly, with its rich content, and presentation, WordPress is the topmost choice for businesses to stand out in the future. 

For some years, the development services are growing perpetually and developing more fascinating visuals that are mandatory to attain customer engagement. We can say that 2020 will be the year of WordPress development services.

So, if you are planning to develop a website than assure yourself that you are following outstanding WordPress web development trends.

Best Practices to Chase WordPress Web Development Trends

1. Explore Multipurpose Themes

Multipurpose Themes

WordPress has a multipurpose theme that permits users to develop any style or any type of website. Besides, the use of those functionalities will be considered that are mandatory for a business or a website.

Most importantly, the key to the popularity of multipurpose themes among the developers and users is that it covers an immense amount of websites. 

And, these themes are customizable, modern and contain a bunch of plug-ins. It delivers the best according to the user’s requirements. Now, every other organization prefers WordPress for developing business websites. So, it is a hope that we will see a definite rise in its popularity in this web development trend in 2020.

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2. Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is the flash like icon aside to the search result in Google. This is built to develop a page that will be loaded quickly than the coded pages developed by HTML. And, it lessens the website loading time by eliminating irrelevant clutters on the websites and bring in the significant information.

Complying with this technology,  the SEO ranking can get a boost. It gives the chances to appear on Google offerings; Google News for instance. So, it accelerates the chances of more visitor engagement and enhanced traffic. 

3. AR (Augment Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) Technology

AR and VR are the most favorable trends in the list of best WordPress web development trends to follow for developing business websites. Clearly, WordPress fully authorized VR content with 360-degree images and videos.

In other words, the applications related to VR have set the internet everything on fire and would be gaining extensive popularity in 2020. However, for photo-based and video-based websites, VR and AR would be the best option to have.

4. Drag and Drop Themes

Drag and Drop Theme

Bid farewell to the sidebar layouts because drag and drop in the widgets are adjusting itself on the internet. Because of its flexible nature, it permits the users to customize and develop the website without any technical knowledge. So, being a non-programmer or a non-developer, you can handle the things with drag and drop themes. Subsequently, there is a possibility of its immense growth in the upcoming years.

5. Development in Micro Interaction Integrated UX Designs

Enhance UX Design with micro interaction

Micro-interactions are the current trends in WordPress web development services. Also, it has taken a lot of effort to come to the place that this trend has taken. Being popular, this trend will be used by a large population in 2020. Undoubtedly, the effective features on the website permit the users to communicate more with the website. And, this works as an effective method to attain more customer engagement on the website. 

6. Website Builders

Website Builders

We know that WordPress contains a plethora of themes and plugins that have made web development an easy task. But, some of the developers find it difficult to create one. Besides, this issue is also fading away with the website builders' tools. What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) is an interface that permits the users to customize the webpage look instantly. A non-techie can develop a unique website with website builders. WordPress is using it to stand out among the competitors. In addition, Elementor and Beaver Builder are the WYSIWYG builders of WordPress.

Gutenberg is launched by WordPress in 2018 with a drag and drop interface to customize several areas of post or page. Now, it seems like website builders will be seen as one of the WordPress web development trend and it will be interesting to see them grow.

7. Mobile-Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Smartphone and mobile phone users are increasing at 10% per year. And, to attain more leads, traffic, and customers to your website, developing a mobile-friendly website is a real approach.

We know that users these days prefer to use a mobile phone instead of a laptop, tablet, etc. They find it more comfortable and easy method to log on to the internet. 

So, it is suggested to develop a responsive/mobile-friendly website for the convenience of the users.  As per the survey, 80% of users prefer to use handheld devices for the internet. The analysis says that in the future WordPress web pages will be more mobile-friendly and it will also be seen in WordPress web development trend list.

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8. Minimalism


Minimalism designs or flat designs are popular for long and it is a hope that they will remain the same in the future as well. And, its simplicity is the key that engages visitors. In this, the usage of white space and clarity is the main focus. Additionally, it gives limelight to the content and assures that the website looks unique and loads faster on every device and browser.

Minimalism has been seen in several WordPress themes, such as Arnold's theme. The theme designs include images, shadows, and gradients that make the designs look eye-catchy. With the simple and sober design, visitors find it easy to check the information they are looking for.

9. Chatbots Integration

Chatbots Integration

To administer more user support, the integration of chatbots is done with CRM. Accordingly, it lets you capture the information of the user clicks on several promos even if they have interacted with the social channel or have downloaded a lead capture. With its benefits, better user support can be given. 

The best part, it understands human behavior and acts accordingly. So, we can say that it gives better user-experience with suitable service and information.

10. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the favorite technologies and website trend to follow. Certainly, it is the main component in the strategies of digital transformation.

The value of artificial intelligence is that its usage reaches its highest level for several years and the world is already enjoying its benefits. Certainly, Artificial Intelligence will accelerate your WordPress website and will smooth user experience as well. Also, companies are using it to a large extent to boost time to market, reduce cost and for automating the business process. 

The role of artificial intelligence will increase significantly in 2020. The industries will use AI power for WordPress web development for customer satisfaction and productivity improvement. 

11. E-commerce


E-commerce is an inevitable term on WordPress websites. Definitely, it is one of the hitting trends that would also be useful in the future as well. WooCommerce plugin has made the task execution super easy for the professionals. With the latest WordPress themes, users can effortlessly develop a safe and powerful e-commerce configuration system.

E-commerce trends such as subscription-based services, mobile shopping, personalized shopping, and subscription-based services are in trend and will be in 2020. 

12. Single Page Application (SPAs)

Single Page Application

SPA is the current website design method to develop content on pages in a dynamic manner. It uses the DOM elements on the existing page with JavaScript than HTML pages. Indefinitely, Gmail, Twitter, and Google maps are a few examples of SPAs. Likewise, the enhancement takes place in terms of faster interaction and content re-loading. 

13. Power of Images

Power of Images

“Images speak more than words”. Everyone has heard this quote. Images are a powerful tool that speaks the idea behind the intension. A tedious and boring WordPress website is of no use until it implies your business agenda. These days, the users are more interested in graphical illustrations.

Using the images or videos that can grab the attention of the customers will be beneficial for your business. Besides, it can enhance the visitors’ engagement, increase the web traffic and will generate the business leads. The year 2020 will be more empowering towards visual illustrations for WordPress websites. 

14. WordPress Updations

WordPress Update

WordPress has a nature to update itself regularly. Inevitably, it never fails to impress with its unique features and functionalities. Since its inception, it came across a number of versions that are the improved version of the previous one. It takes care of the user’s interest related to theme management, customization and code improvement, etc. For business growth, only those changes are preferred that would be beneficial in the future. With WordPress improvements, you are good to go.  

15. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is an important part of the SEO process. Surprisingly, a survey shows that 71% of the users like to use voice assistant for searching instead of typing. The usage of voice search will be more in the near future. Alexa and Siri are suitable examples of the voice-based digital assistant. It is the best technique for small, medium and large industries to gaining more customer engagement. Consequently, this has changed the way of communication and linked to the customers. Voice search optimization would increase CRM in the future.  

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Final Words

Make the most of these above-mentioned trends for web development in 2020. WordPress allows users to develop an amazing and unique website. It is imperative to know the user's requirements. Increase your chances to stay ahead in the competitive world by following the current WordPress web development trends. Consider the points appealing to your website and implement it. Don't forget Customers are the ultimate boss! 

Act accordingly!

Thanks for sparing time reading the article! We hope you find this article useful!