Website Redesign: Effective tips to increase lead generation opportunities

All those entrepreneurs who are engaged in the web-based business, always emphasize on the generation of new leads. When a customer expresses his/her interest to buy products/services from a particular company/business firm, he/she is termed as a lead. Every businessman tries to generate sufficient leads on a daily basis to beat the competition and arrange resources for further development of the business.

Generation of leads depends on several factors, such as business type, contact channels used by entrepreneurs, decision-making mechanisms of the targeted audience. On a number of occasions, you fail to generate ample leads despite applying all your efforts. It happens on account of a number of reasons, among which obsolete website design is prominent.

Generally, tech-savvy people like to visit only those websites or webpages that look appealing and offer the latest information. Websites with an old look or outdated information are disliked by regular internet users. So, website redesign becomes the only option for you if-

• You did not change your site design in 4-6 years,
• You used a default template to create your website. The default template is present on other websites as well,
• Your website looks worse than competitors and
• Your website fails to attract customers and doesn’t generate sufficient business opportunities.

In simple words, a website redesign is an act of revamping the look and feel of an existing website. It helps entrepreneurs to revitalise their business brands, attract new customers easily and create leads in great numbers.

So, are you ready to give your website a new look? Guessing what exactly you need to do to redesign your website? If yes, then ponder upon the key points mentioned here below:

1. Create A Definite Website Redesign Strategy

website redesign strategies

When your existing website becomes unprofitable, you tend to give it a complete makeover ASAP. In most of the cases, individuals don’t have a website redesign strategy. So, they redesign websites unprofessionally and experience the loss in the long term.

Therefore, take your time and create a definite website redesign strategy. As an entrepreneur, you should have a clear concept about the following:

• The look and feel of your new website,
• The potential clients/customers,
• Main Design elements you want to see on your new website,
• The selection of Software, antivirus, firewall, etc,

Once you have a definite strategy, it becomes easier for you to implement the desired changes to your website in an easy way.

2. Choose an Experienced Website Design Firm

wordsuccor website

Due to the rapid development of different content management systems, even non-technical persons are running websites/blogs with a business point of view. Generally, those people don’t have the deep knowledge of the different elements that are used for designing a website. If you are a non-technical person, hiring an expert website design firm will be extremely helpful.

A professional website design firm has a team of experienced and professional web developers. They can evaluate different design elements of your website and point out its shortcomings. Based on the output, ask them to redesign your website.

If you have the sufficient knowledge of website building skills, SEO, and different programming languages, you can redesign website yourself too. Take the help of web developers without any hesitation if you face any problem while redesigning your website.

3. Follow the KISS Rule

keep it simple super - KISS rule

Today’s smart and knowledgeable audience on the web wants to access the required information on the web in the smallest possible time. They don’t want to visit a website which is difficult to use. So, when you redesign a website, just follow the KISS rule.

KISS=KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE. Ask the web developer to redesign your website in a such a way that all individuals can easily use it. Add only those design elements that have the potential to take your web-based business to the new height. Avoid all needless stuff that makes your website complicated, confuse visitors and make them displeased. Some suggestions are given below:

Website Redesign ElementsAdvantages
The Selection of a good-quality theme and its customization as per your specific needsIt makes your website look exquisite and appealing.
The limited use of ads, auto-videos, audios, redirections, etcYour website has enough white space, which pleases visitors. They tend to spend more time on your website.
The restricted use of Plugins/extensionsYour Website loads fast on all devices
Uniform Colour pattern all across your websiteYour website looks awesome
Contact Information, Physical Address and social media linksYour website looks more authentic.
A search bar on the topIt helps visitors to find the desired content easily within a few minutes.
Easy registration and Email-subscription options through multiple channelsYou see more people want to be a part of your sales funnel.

4. Revitalize Your Site’s Landing Page 

Revitalize Your Site's Landing Page

When visitors search your website on the web, search engines redirect them to the landing page of your website. This is where customers decide whether to purchase your products/services or not. A website with a good landing page can have a high conversion rate. On the other hand, websites with unoptimized landing page may have a high bounce rate, a lower ranking in Google & other prominent search engines, negative remarks from customers, and fewer chances of business.

So, based on your specific needs, create a user-friendly landing page on your website. Optimize it for search engines and the targeted audience. Link the main pages of your website to the landing page. It will help visitors to browse specific pages quickly.

5. Update Website Content ASAP


Before starting the process of a website redesign, you should arrange unique and fresh content in advance. It is content that attracts the attention of search engines and people and makes them go crazy about your brand.

So, depending on your specific needs, write fresh, information-rich and SEO optimized content. If you don’t have resources for the production of quality content, get it from a professional content development firm. Delete outdated content from your website and fill it with fresh content.

6. Use Proper Call-To-Action Buttons

call to action button

Several website owners complain that despite having an up-to-date website and fresh content, they don’t get the desired business opportunities. It happens because of the lack of proper CTA buttons on your website.

In fact, CTA buttons are those buttons that encourage customers to take the desired action after reading the content. Those actions may be downloading a premium E-product, giving feedback to the site owner for his/her services, buying products/services, sharing useful content on different social media channels, etc.

So, create effective and clearly visible CTA buttons in consultation with an expert web designer. Place them appropriately on your website and test how visitors will interpret them. Make further changes in CTA buttons if required.

7. Check Website Elements Before Launching It for Visitors

website launching

There are many web designers who are overconfident about their website building and redesign skills. So, after redesigning a website, they launch it without checking its errors and shortcomings. If a new website has errors, the entire purpose of website redesign goes in vain. Search engines can develop a negative thinking about it and ignore in its SERP. Even visitors don’t like to visit websites that are exposed to online security vulnerabilities or have errors.

So, whenever you redesign a website, check it thoroughly before its launch. Just review its loading speed, various design elements, 404 pages, cross-browser compatibility, security features, etc. Trace and eliminate all possible errors and launch the website for the targeted audience once everything is found to be ok.

Final Words

There are several reasons why your website is not fetching enough opportunities of the lead generation. With a website redesign through WordPress expert, you can easily eliminate site errors. This helps you to revitalize the overall look of your website, easily catch visitor’s attention and grab several chances of lead generation & sales.