How to Block Spam Comment in WordPress?

With website establishment comes the pain of comment spam. Whether you are running a small website or a well-established online store, they remain a big problem for webmasters. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to completely stop it. However, thankfully with the passage of many years, webmasters have learned many ways to deprive comment spam of […]

CSS Preprocessors Compared – Less vs. Sass

CSS preprocessors have become a hot topic lately. There has been a lot of debate popping up online about different types of preprocessor languages available and which one to choose. The concept of using supercharged, special CSS files that contain mixins, functions, variables and various different features is certainly intriguing. However, a majority of web […]

Ultimate Guide for WordPress Security

Security of our website is usually never our top priority until our website gets hacked by a malicious party. WordPress being the most popular and widely used platform for creating website is extremely vulnerable to spammers and hacking. It was observed that more than 170,000 websites were hacked in 2012 and the number is growing […]

10 Proficient Live CSS Editors

There are numerous web languages available today including CSS editors or Cascading Style Sheets. It is a particular type of coding which gives you the power to enhance the look of your website. CSS is one of those languages which are responsible for improving the design of your website. From changing the color of the […]

How to Integrate Magento into wordpress

Everyone knows that Magento is the eCommerce Giant, while WordPress is it’s blogging, SEO, and CMS counterpart. So you, a smart and entrepreneurial store manager, have a carefully-crafted and functional Magento store for your eCommerce business. On the other hand, you’ve built a beautiful WordPress website or blog that discusses, showcases, or reviews some of […]