A DIY To Build Your Own Custom Page for Your WordPress Website

When we look out to build a website for the business we seek for the easiest route. Building a website is no child’s play. It requires knowledge of many languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, and others, or you just need to install WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System aka CMS. If […]

Shocking WordPress Myths To Avoid [Believe It Or Not!!!]

WordPress is the largest and most popular content management system over the web. As it is sitting at the top, naturally WordPress faces myths. These myths were generated either by lack of knowledge or defaming attempts. You need to stay updated regarding these myths so that you would not perceive wrong direction and wrong practice. […]

Tips How to Make Your Corporate Blog Work for Your Startup

The word ‘Corporate’ mostly refer as being boring. So, this makes the corporate blog as the boring blog. As we all know corporate is nothing but all about profit and stats and reports and kinds of stuff like that. This was my mindset when I just started working on WordPress blogs. When I researched the […]