Is Your Website Is In Static HTML? Here Are Some Tips To Convert It In WordPress

February 6, 2018 Wordpress, Wordpress theme

As the Internet business grows with each passing day, the demand of customers also gets increased. Today’s hi-tech, modern, and highly knowledgeable people like to visit websites that are visually appealing, professional and easy-to-use.they don’t like to hang around traditional HTML websites with clumsy looks. Furthermore, the successful management, optimization, customization, and handling of static HTML websites ask for a lot of resources, manpower, and investment.

So, do you run a static HTML website? Want to take it to the WordPress platform? Don’t know how to do that? If yes, then read this helpful guide carefully. This will help you to convert your HTML into WordPress without any error:

1. Make A Blueprint For Your Future Website At First:


Before starting the process of HTML to WordPress conversion, you should have a blueprint of your future website in advance. Actually, a website blueprint is a carefully created plan to develop the site in a proper and systematic manner. It helps individuals to get the desired website without any flaw.

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So, create a blueprint of your website in advance and determine how will you carry out different website development works, such as the type of the future site, punchlines/business lines, targeted audience, website layout and design, content you want to transfer to the new website, Programming and website migration to a new hosting, testing, etc.

2. Choose A Suitable WordPress Theme:

free vs premium themes

There are several free and premium WordPress themes. Just review them from different angles and choose the best theme for your future WordPress website. If you have a decent knowledge of different programming languages, just create a fresh theme based on your website.

You can also use the child theme for this purpose. If you are a non-coder, switch to the HTML to WordPress conversion service provided by IT companies to perform this action easily.

3. WordPress Installation:

how to install wp

To install WordPress, you need to choose a hosting plan. Just review different web hosting companies by all points and choose the best one as per your needs and budget. Now install WordPress on your hosting server. Just log into the CPanel of your hosting account and Install WordPress. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Now, you need to create a few files in your code editor as given below:


Just Copy the Existing CSS Into New Stylesheet as shown here below:

Theme Name: Replace with your Theme’s name.
Theme URI: Your Theme’s URI
Description: A brief description.
Version: 1.0
Author: You
Author URI: Your website address.

Save the changes and close the file. Create all files in the same manner.

4. Upload Your New Theme And Content:

upload theme and content

Once WordPress is installed successfully, just hide it from both visitors and search engine bots. It is because both of them have no idea about the development stage of your website. Now, you need to upload the WordPress theme and content to your website.

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To upload the theme, place new theme folder inside /wp-content/themes>WP Admin> Appearance > Themes > newly created theme. Just go ahead and activate it. If you are not able to understand this process, HTML to WordPress services can be a great helping hand to you.
Always keep in mind that site content is stored in the MySQL database. Just extract it from there and upload it to your website. You can use WordPress plugins to complete this action easily and quickly.

5. Test And Launch Your Website

test and launch a website

By now, you have successfully converted your HTML website to the WordPress platform. Just review it at least two times to eliminate UX/UI issues, navigational problems, loading problems, 404 pages, etc. Once you find that everything is ok, launch your website for visitors search engines alike.

Final Remarks:

These days, there is a great demand for all-inclusive, professional and scalable wordpress website development. By, following the above-mentioned procedures, you can easily convert your static HTML website into WordPress. Just hire WordPress programmers to manage and operate your WordPress website successfully.