How Artificial Intelligence Transform your WordPress Website

May 21, 2019 Wordpress
Transform your WordPress Website with Artificial Intelligence_Wordsuccor

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained so much popularity in such a limited span of time that there seems to be no looking back. There is so much to be explored in this domain and whatever has been created, still needs to be expanded to the highest level. There are many Artificial Intelligence companies that are mushrooming up in the global

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7 Exclusive Reasons to Go for WordPress Multisite Feature and Here’s How?

May 9, 2019 Wordpress
WordPress Multisite Feature_Wordsuccor

About 60 Million websites use WordPress (Source). It is undeniably a very powerful and flexible Content Management System that has been in the mainstream for years. Managing multiple websites with single WordPress installation can take the burden off your shoulders right away. You will be surprised to know that about 50k websites are added daily to WordPress (Source). This flurry

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Impress your Mobile Site Users with WordPress AMP!

May 7, 2019 Implementation, Wordpress
WordPress AMP_Wordsuccor

When “80% of internet users owns a smartphone” (Source), it’s a must to use any WordPress AMP plugin like AMP for WP or a theme to speed up your website. You should be conscious that the potential of mobile version of your website may still be untapped if you still haven’t activated Google AMP on your site. Looking for an

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Why Hire a Pro Developer over WordPress Website Builder?

May 3, 2019 Wordpress
hire a Pro Developer_wordsuccor

Are you still thinking to hire a professional WordPress developer for your website? Do you think a WordPress website builder can easily suffice to create what you desire? You are losing a big deal if the answer to the above questions is “Yes”. But, don’t lose hope as you still have time to look out for a WordPress developer for

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7 Best WordPress Caching Plugins To Boost Your Website Speed

March 11, 2019 Wordpress
WordPress Caching Plugin

We all know that the loading speed of a website affects its ranking in Google’s SERP. The faster your site is, the better its ranking will be on Google. A slow website gives a bad impression to users and they leave immediately never to come back again. Fortunately, there are many ways to speed up your website. One of the

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