A Complete Walkthrough for WordPress Theme Customization

Thinking that no one is aware of WordPress’s popularity is not acceptable. This time, WordPress is everywhere!! Almost every businessperson in this world prefers leveraging WordPress for their business websites. Why not? It has a plethora of options that make creating and managing the website a seamless process. This content management system is user friendly […]

Master the Fundamentals of WordPress Website UX

Technology has bound almost everyone!!   Indeed, it takes away all the exhaustion from their busy brains. To manage everyday or general activities, like, from accessing the latest weather report to use the smart TV, accessing work applications, everything has become handy. Similarly, it is implied while surfing the website either on mobile or desktop. The […]

How to Setup and Launch LMS Website with WordPress – The Definitive Guide

Starting a new business takes a lot of investment and in-depth know-how.   Nowadays, several businesses are trying their hand in creating a robust WordPress Learning Management System (LMS).   It allows the businesses to provide online classes,  reaching several students and also, open the ways to earn money. Many have experienced a huge Return On […]

How to Identify and Resolve WordPress Plugin Conflicts to Protect Your Website

WordPress is full of extremely useful tools and functionalities.  Plugins are one of them- they can provide compelling functions you need, making it a great add-on in the website. But, because this platform is open-source, that sometimes the plugins have conflicts with WordPress core or with each other.  They become the center of crashes, bugs, […]

How to Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer: Everything You Need to Know

Creating a website demands a lot of hard work.  Despite deciding the platform, you need to be sure whether you want to hire the developer or not.  Of course, with the immense popularity and best features, WordPress is the platform you must want for building your website.   Even though, WordPress is a user-friendly and flexible […]