10 Reasons Why WooCommerce is the Best Platform for Omnichannel Retail?

IoT (Internet of things) is drilling into our lives day by day. The modern people are investing in many applications to get immense benefits. When it is about the retail business, customers always look for a seamless experience. Many shoppers interact with brands before they even think about buying. Almost continuous contact occurs at various […]

WordPress Website Monitoring: All You Need to Know

Are you getting the expected benefits from your WordPress websites? Is it working the same way you have imagined? What do you think are the most crucial web pages? What is the amount of visitors your website is securing every month? Is your website taking more time to load? And so on….. There are so […]

WordPress vs HTML: Revealing the Reasons for WordPress Migration

22 years back, every website was built with text and static HTML. At that time, handling the website was not a daunting task.  But, with the passage of time, with the demands of the customer’s changes, they start looking for a richer, enjoyable yet profitable website experience.  Hence, there comes a need to shift to […]

Drupal to WordPress Migration: How Will It Make A Difference?

In the early 2000s, Drupal was prioritized by every website owner and developer.  Certainly, because it was the only ideal option for a Content Management System (CMS).  Till its inception, it has become the platform that is more preferred for businesses with a steep learning curve that requires consistent performance adjustments and rich hosting. In […]

WordPress DDoS Vulnerability: How to Protect your Website

Certainly, a website takes a lot of effort to build!! But, some uncertainty makes everything worthless. Though, you might not have expected your website to be instantly overwhelmed by several simultaneous requests, causing it to crash.  And, this is what happens when the WordPress website gets prone to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.  The […]